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Acceledent Appliances

This appliance uses gentle micropulses to accelerate bone remodeling, thus resulting in up to 50% faster tooth movement. The patient bites down on this appliance and keeps it in the mouth for 20 minutes a day.

Band and Loop Space Maintainer

This appliance holds the space for permanent teeth when the primary- or baby-tooth is removed before the permanent tooth is ready to grow into the mouth. A space maintainer prevents major complications that can occur when permanent molars drift forward and block out other permanent teeth.


Elastics are rubber bands for braces that move the upper and lower teeth, in order to achieve a better bite. For patients with a latex allergy, non-latex elastics can be used.

Fixed Hyrax Appliance
Fixed Hyrax Appliance
(for Rapid or Slow Palatal Expansion)

This appliance is used to widen the upper jaw and correct a crossbite or to make space for teeth in a narrow arch. This allows the upper and lower teeth to fit together.

Removable Expander

This appliance is removable and used to widen the upper jaw or expand the lower teeth. It is usually used in younger patients and is a great way to alleviate crowding.

Removable Expander Appliance - Upper Arch Removable Expander Appliance - Lower Arch


Facemask therapy is used in younger patients who have a small upper jaw. It works by grabbing the upper teeth and pulling them forward, often achieving a skeletal correction.


Forsus appliance is used for 2-3 months during braces in order to correct the relationship of the upper teeth to the lower teeth. It forces the lower teeth forward in a similar way to elastics, but uses a stronger force and is attached to the braces. This appliance is used for patients who don’t remember to wear their elastics, when the elastics are being used to move the lower teeth forward.

Twin Block Appliance
Twin Block Appliance

A Twin Block Appliance is a removable functional appliance that utilizes the growth of the lower jaw in order to move it slightly forward and have a better bite with the upper jaw. It can also be used to open a deep bite in these patients.

Anterior Bite Slope Appliance

An Anterior Bite Slope Appliance is a removable functional appliance that is used to grow the lower jaw and open a deep bite.

Herbst Appliance
Herbst Appliance

The Herbst Appliance is a fixed functional appliance that is used to correct a small lower jaw. It uses growth to correct a lower jaw discrepency.

This appliance is used in patients that suck their thumb or finger. It is placed in the mouth for 2-3 months until the habit is broken.

Habit Appliance Habit Appliance Close Up


Invisalign is a set of trays that are custom made for the patients teeth and replace the need for metal braces. Please refer to the Invisalign section for a more detailed description.

Lingual Arch Appliance

A lingual arch is used on the lower arch and sits against the inside of the lower teeth. It can be used as a space maintainer to hold the lower molars in their correct place and prevent crowding.

Removable retainers are used after active orthodontic tooth movement in order to hold teeth in place while they stabilize or to achieve limited correction of tooth alignment. For the first 4-6 months after braces, removable retainers are worn full-time, then at night only. Removable retainers are removed to eat and brush, whereas fixed retainers are glued to the inside of the teeth. The retainer that is recommended to each patient is different depending on the needs of that patient and their oral hygiene habits.

Removable Clearbow Hawley Retainer

This removable retainer has a clear wire in front of the teeth. It is an alternative to the traditional metal wire used in regular Hawley retainers. This BPA-free plastic is made in Canada and is not damaged by boiling water or stained by coffee, soup or wine. This retainer is often used in the upper arch and the acrylic covers the roof of the mouth.


  • Can be used for desired limited tooth movement
  • Esthetic
  • Does not break easily
  • Can be removed to floss

Removable Clearbow Hawley Retainer Removable Clearbow Hawley Retainer

Removable Hawley Retainer

This traditional removable retainer has a metal wire in front of the teeth. It can be used for the upper or the lower arch.


  • Can be used for desired limited tooth movement
  • Does not break easily
  • Can be removed to floss

Removable Hawley Retainer - Upper Removable Hawley Retainer - Lower

Essix Retainer
Removable Essix Retainer

This is a clear retainer that looks similar to Invisalign trays.


  • Esthetic
  • Can be removed to floss
  • Does not affect speech since it doesn’t cover the roof of the mouth
  • Can be used for minor tooth movement
Fixed Retainer
Fixed Retainer

This retainer is glued to the inside of the front teeth.


  • Patient does not have to remember to wear the retainer


  • Harder to floss
  • Glue can come off
  • Cannot be used if limited movement wanted

Separators are tiny rubber bands that are placed in between certain teeth in order to make a small space. This space is then used to place a ring (band) around that tooth on a different day.

Spacers Bands After Spacers

A temporary anchorage device is a small titanium screw that is placed directly into the bone of the mouth. This is used as anchorage in orthodontic treatment, which can often result in faster tooth movement.

TADs TADs - Close up

Transpalatal Bar

A transpalatal bar is a fixed appliance that is attached to the upper molars. This bar sits across the roof of the mouth (close to the palate) and can prevent unfavorable movement of the upper molars.

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