Dr. Monica Dosanjh

Specialist in Orthodontics

Practicing in:
Brampton, ON @Sterling Dental
Brooklin, ON @Dawson Dental
Georgetown, ON @Sterling Dental
Whitby, ON @Avalon Dental Care
Ajax, ON @Somerset Dental Care
Mississauga, ON @Urban Dental

Before & After Gallery

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  1. Flared upper teeth
  2. Spacing
  3. Deep overbite
  1. Class II bite
  2. Crowding
  3. Severe overjet
  1. Crowding
  2. Low attachment of tissue
  3. Deep overbite
  1. Crossbite
  2. Midlines & gums heights are not aligned
  3. Missing teeth
  1. Severe overjet & deep overbite with lowers touching roof of mouth
  2. Unproportionally small tooth
  3. Class II bite
  1. Crossbite
  2. Midline descrepency due to skeletal asymmetry
  3. Class III bite
  1. Class II bite treated with extraction of permanent teeth (premolars)
  2. Severe overjet & deep overbite
  3. Treated with TADs (miniscrews)
  1. Crossbite
  2. Canine is high
  3. Crowding

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