Dr. Monica Dosanjh

Specialist in Orthodontics

Your First Visit

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation involves a review of your overall health and a complete clinical orthodontic examination. It will begin with some personalized questions, a discussion about your chief complaint (what bothers you most about your teeth or your bite) and an extra-oral/intra-oral examination. An initial diagnosis will be made and treatment options will be discussed. The most appropriate timing for treatment will also be recommended.

Orthodontic fees are based on the complexity of the problem being corrected. During this appointment, you will be given the estimated fees for the indicated treatment. Insurance and payment plans will also be discussed in order to help you stay within your budget. Orthodontic fees can often be deducted as medical expenses. Please be sure to ask your accountant about this tax provision, which often makes orthodontic treatment even more affordable for our patients.

After this appointment, a letter will automatically be sent to your general dentist, updating them of our findings.


If you decide to proceed, the next appointment will be for records. Sometimes there is time scheduled to do this on the same day as the consultation. Records involves taking photos of your face and teeth, impressions of your teeth and two x-rays (a panorex and cephalometric x-ray). Your treatment options and recommended treatment plan will be confirmed by Dr. Dosanjh and your fees will be finalized. We are always honest and forthright with our fees so that there will be no surprises!

Starting Treatment

The timing of this will be discussed during the consultation. However, in general, patients need to be seen every four to eight weeks.

Visiting the General Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

It is extremely important to continue to visit your general dentist every 6 months, even during orthodontic treatment. Your general dentist plays an important role in maintaining your oral health. They are the ones that check for cavities and perform routine dental cleanings.

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